Customer Reviews

What an ingenious product idea! So happy I came across it! It has saved us buying a double buggy :) my 16 month old still wasn’t walking so the Perle was perfect for us and she absolutely loves sitting in her ‘big girl chair!’ It is easy to attach to our bugaboo buffalo but you do need to purchase the bugaboo board and adaptors which in total came to £152. A massive saving compared to a double buggy.
We have had lots of people stop us and ask where we bought it from. It looks stylish and is sturdy. Overall we are very pleased with our purchase :)

Danni on Buggypod Perle

HI There,
I have recently purchased a buggy pod, and it’s brilliant!!
I have been searching for months for something like this..
I have a disabled daughter, and a 1 year old, getting them around has been
a nightmare up until now.. The pod will fit onto her special needs buggy, with
some alterations!! … 10 out of 10 for the pod , it’s fab!!!

Kind regards


I would just like to compliment you, and all at Revelo for the best customer service I’ve rcvd from any company in a long time. … you are selling an a1 and ingenious product. keep up the good work, i’m already advertising the buggy pod to every other struggling mum I meet, thank you again.



Just wanted to say how pleased we are with the
buggypod, my 2 year old loves it and it has made life
a lot easier, especially when she wants to walk it is
great to fold the seat up and have the space to wander
round shops without worrying that you will knock
things over or collide with people!!

There has been great interest in it as well everytime
we have taken the pod out we have been stopped and
asked where we purchased it from.


Heidi S.

As a parent, congratulations on a fantastic product, we have a 2 month old baby boy and a three year old daughter and the Buggypod has to be one of our best baby purchases ever! It attracts attention wherever we go! not just from other parents but people who don’t even have kids! I have performed so many impromptu demos’ for gadget mad dads and inquisitive granddads! We have a second home in Spain and its even the same there!! in our pigeon Spanish we explain what it is called and where it is sold!



We’ve just returned from a 12 day break in England visiting family. I have a two-year-old boy and a six-year-old daughter who has Perthes Disease and very limited mobility.

We purchased a Buggypod the day before we left and would like to say how great it was. Our children enjoyed days walking around Oxford, going to parks and enjoying “normal” activities.

Without the Pod we would have a two-year-old jumping in and out of his buggy and a six-year-old using crutches and squeezing on and off a wheeled board when she got a sore leg.

Thanks for this superb invention

LJ, Hamilton, Scotland
Mother of 2 happy children who take turns on the Pod!

We purchased a Buggypod when baby number 2 arrived as we wanted to use our pram again with the new baby. It has been one of the best things we have purchased and everywhere we go people stop us to ask about it. It’s really easy to use and we love that it can be folded away so our toddler can walk for a bit. It comes highly recommended.


Wow, not only do you have the best product in the world you have the best customer service. I cannot tell you how many times i am stopped in the street and asked about my buggypod. People are always fascinated and think it is the best device they have ever seen!!
Many thanks,

This is a great idea, as I always found doubles to be so much hard work and didn’t work very well at all and didn’t last very long either, this is so easy to push, fairly easy to set up, and great for when my 20 month old wants a rest.
Busy Mum

“This is AMAZING! This makes trips into town hassle and stress free. prepare for lots of people stopping to comment though!! Our 2 yr old loves her ‘special seat’ and our 8 weekold can remain comfy and cosy in her carry cot. It was time consuming putting it together but once set up its tough and durable and very easy to attach/unattach and set-up or fold down.”
Mummy to 2

“This product was a god send being able to get out and about with three children under 2 years of age”

“my son loves travelling in his buggypod he feels all grownup sat in his chair and not a buggy”
Busy mum from Cumbria