Buggpod FAQs

Can the Buggypod Smorph, io or Lite be attached to the left side of my buggy

Because of the design of the Buggypod Smorph, io or Lite, they can only be fixed onto the right hand side of the pushchair when viewed from the pushing position.

How can I get the pushchair and the buggypod into the car

The buggypod can be folded away neatly and can be clipped off the pushchair for storage. The pushchair can be folded away normally with the attachment brackets attached.

Can I fold my pushchair with the buggypod attached

In order to fold your buggy you will need to remove the buggypod by just clipping it off. The mounting brackets can stay on your pushchair permanently and do not interfere with the folding mechanism of the pushchair. When you unfold your pushchair simply clip the buggypod back on.

What is the width of the buggypod

Measured from the attachment point on the pushchair and including Buggypod wheel and mounting brackets: Buggypod Lite and io: 41 cm

Up to what age can I use the buggypod

Tested weight limits:

Buggypod Perle  15kg.

Buggypod Lite 18kg.

Buggypod io 20 kg.

Do the brackets have to be exactly horizontal

The front bracket can be fitted up to approx. 8 cm’s higher than the rear bracket if it helps provide a good connection. The net result will simply be that the Buggypod seat tilts back slightly (as with many pushchairs) and you may in any case prefer that. Just use your judgment to ensure that you haven’t fitted the front bracket so much higher than the rear that the Buggypod tilts back too far.

My pushchair bars are too thick for the mounting brackets that come with the Buggypod.

If your pushchair bars are more than approx 4 cm in diameter, you should use the large size mounting brackets available separately.

Will the Buggypod Smorph, io or Lite fit onto my pushchair

First look up your pushchair on our Pushchair Checker. If it is not listed, please contact us at support@revelo.co.uk. General guidelines: buggypod fits onto most pushchairs and buggies including twin buggies and 3 wheelers. You will need to make sure that you have exposed fixture points on two major frame components of your pushchair. These attachment points must be between 160mm-375mm apart and between 350mm and 425 mm from the ground for the Buggypod Smorph and 320 and 450 mm for the Buggypod io.

What is the pricing

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